What to expect and what questions to ask

When you purchase an Intuitive Reading with me you get an empowering guidance from Spirit through the oracle and angel cards I use.

I don’t dispense medical or legal advice or predictions about your future. A reading with me enables you to move forward, to know your next step and to get clear on what might be tripping you up or what to do to untie a messy situation. I also don’t read on anyone else without their permission.

To get the best kind of reading, get specific. A vague question, or a repetitive question from your previous reading will give a muddled, vague answer.

Open-ended questions like:

  • How do I best proceed from here?
  • Where am I headed regarding (insert your situation here) ?
  • What’s the best action to take in this situation?
  • What will be the result if I take this action ?
  • What is my highest good regarding to this new opportunity (love, job, moving etc.)
  • What do I need to know about this situation?

I will evaluate your question and get in touch with you to rephrase it to get the best answer possible if it doesn’t fit a question I believe will give you the best answer from the cards.

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What kind of questions do I not do readings on?

I don’t answer questions on when and how you will meet your soul mate, win the lottery or get a pay rise. I do however encourage you to enquire about how to best open yourself up to allow new love, abundance and opportunities into your life.

You must be 18 years old to get an Intuitive Reading from me. I do not offer refunds once I’ve started and completed at reading. If we can’t agree on your question and the reading hasn’t started yet, you may be eligible for a refund. This is because I put  a lot of energy and heart and soul into my readings to give you the best answer from Spirit to move forward in your life.

You are always welcome to contact me to get clarification on any question before purchasing a reading.

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Your Intuitive Reading is private and confidential and I don’t share with any third party. It is up to you to store your PDF or Mp3 file securely as I don’t save them for the future.