Should other people touch your oracle cards?


Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue


When I teach my workshops I see a myriad of ways people handle their cards, from letting the person they are reading for shuffle and choose the cards to shuffling for and fanning them out for the other person to pull cards to the complete opposite, where it’s only the reader handling the cards.

Is there a right or a wrong way of doing it?

I believe that the answer to that question is: whatever you like to do is the right thing to do.

Here’s what I do and why:

I don’t let other people handle my cards. It’s very rare that other people touch them and I always make sure to clean them by smudging or knocking them or putting a quartz or selenite crystal on top of them. Why?

Because everything is energy and for me it’s always been very palpable. I’m sensitive like that, which is something I use to my benefit when pulling cards, as I feel my way through them most of the time. I was that kid who wasn’t very keen on letting my friends touch any of my special things, like signed photographs of my idols, who disliked (and still do) second-hand clothes and who, as an adult secretly longs to fill her house with antiques but so far only has found one coffee table with the right energy to let in the house.

For me, it’s wrong to let people touch my cards because I feel the energy and they can’t function as a tool in my readings if the energy is murky. I need to keep my cards attuned to my energy because the cards and I speak together and for me to understand the language of the cards it’s important to keep the line as crisp and clear as possible.

So what’s right for you?

Do you like sharing your cards? Do you like to feel other people’s energy in them? If you do then it’s probably not a problem for you to do accurate readings even with other people handling your cards. Just remember to clear them once in a while. There’s a lot of different ways to do that. In between readings, I like to hold them in my left hand and knock them with my right hand. If they can lie a little bit longer I put a crystal on top of them and when I do a house cleansing with white sage I give them a whirl too with the smoke.

If on the other hand, you’re like me and you’d really like to keep your cards to yourself then you should make a decision on how you do readings. A practice I use with my cards sometimes is to fan them out and hold them to my heart and feel the connection being made and how my energy flows through them and their messages are opening up to me. If others accidentally touch your cards because they are curious you can handle it by politely explaining why you don’t want other people touching your cards or you can let it slide and give them a good cleanse when you are alone.

As you can see there’s not one right way to do this, it all comes down to your sensitivity and what you like. I love that oracle cards are so personal and become an extension of their owner. Like some people like to write in their books and others don’t, the way we use our oracle cards tells a story about us. And there’s no wrong story, remember that.

Tell me: Do you let others touch your cards or not?

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Card of the week: Lady of the Lake


The card of the week is Wisdom of Avalon from Colette Baron-Reid.

This week the energy can be hard if you don’t live accordingly to your inner truth.

It’s a week where we can’t hide from the truth and where we are encouraged to keep an eye out for signs and signals from the Universe, telling us if we’re on the right path or not.

A good rule of thumb this week is that if you meet resistance and struggle to make something happen, then it’s an invitation to look deeper and see if what you’re doing or seeking is really a true match for your soul?

With the Lady of the lake, the spotlight is on you and you can count on not having a place to hide from the truth. Take it as an invitation to clear out what doesn’t serve your highest good. To sort out and through what’s really just dust and trash and doesn’t help you in any way.

If you are not in integrity with what you’re doing, this week will help you see it one way or the other. It’s essentially a blessing – if you don’t fight it.

Look your truth in the eyes and you will reap so much and flow will be available to you.

The wonderful truth is that you are a part of creating your own reality and sometimes you’re a lot in control, others? Not so much! But, together with the Universe, you are creating your life. That’s the truth you’re being confronted with this week.

This week you will achieve the best results if you let your intuition lead the way.

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Autumn Favourites – Oracle decks, spiritual books, practices, crystals and other chit chat

Inspired by many of my favourite vloggers I’ve done a video of my autumn faves – things that support and uplift me on my life’s journey. My hope is to inspire you and my wish is that you’ll share your favourites either in the comments here on the blog or under the video on Youtube. Let’s share what makes our souls sing!

Here are the things mentioned in the video:



Favourite Youtubers at the moment:

Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas

Faery Guidance222

Imogen Walters


Oracle Decks mentioned:

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Ask and Know

Gateway Oracle Cards

Native Spirit Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

Oracle of the Dragonfae

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
– used for my monthly Patrons exclusive videos


Music: the spa and balance channels

White Elevation album from Lorelei & David Rosenkilde




Red Aventurine /Raspberry Aventurine

Smoky Quartz

Snowflake obsidian


Online Courses:

Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue

Life Purpose Divination by Tori Hartman

Crystal course by Judy Hall

Reiki course by Torsten Lange


Spiritual stuff:

Essential oils, Lavender, from either Primavera as a spray or Urtegaarden as drops.

Salt scrub: Badeanstalten or just Himalayan salt and oil on wet skin (not the face!)

Rescue Remedy Spray 7 ML
-For instant relief for empaths in crowded situations


Meditations & spiritual practices:

Chakra cleansing – especially the guided meditation from Belinda Davidson that I blogged about here

Aura cleansing

Grounding – growing roots into Mother Earth by sitting or standing outside in nature

Being by the water and in my garden



Messages from Your Angels Colouring Book

Faber-Castel PITT Artist Brush Pens, Basic, 6-Pack

Papermania metallic pens



Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed

Ask Your Guides

Willows East Intuitive Journal: A Year of Intuitive Journaling with Your Tarot, Lenormand, or Oracle Cards

The Score (Off-Campus Book 3)


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New types of readings- only for a while!

Fall is here!

At least in my part of the world and I’ve been on a creative roll lately and have cooked up a soup of new readings.

As always you can get the readings I have on my website but I like the idea of offering up something for the season. There’s a wide selection from quick and inexpensive to bigger readings – all designed to help you gain clarity and make you empowered to make the right choices on your journey.

Life’s a journey, not a destination a wise person once said but sometimes we need some navigational tools and these are just that. Spiritual navigational tools custom made for you.

I’ve made it easy to browse by putting them in my Etsy shop. For a full overview of all my readings you can always check out my website – otherwise, here they are:




















I wish you a wonderful October  – if you’d like to be the first to know about new readings subscribe to the newsletter

Card of the week: To The Sea

This week’s card comes from one of my favourite decks from Colette Baron-Reid: Wisdom of the oracle. The card is ‘To The Sea’ and is about being in flow and returning to the only true energy source in the Universe. The source that flows through all living things.

In the coming week, it’s a good thing to look at where you source your energy from. Are you on the right path for you or are you wasting precious energy on something that doesn’t bring you any closer to your goal?

If you find yourself running your head against a wall, your projects are being delayed or hindered in any way, in other words, your flow is blocked, then it’s a sign to stop and consult your inner compass. It will be most beneficial to go with the flow this week, instead of fighting your way upstream.

Can you try to give up the need to control the outcome? Can you let go of your idea of how the end result should look like? This week invites you to do just that and you’ll experience that things will come to you in unexpected ways. Let the Universe surprise you. You have power over your own little ship but not the ocean’s waves. Focus on what’s inside you: your talents, your gifts, and your personality and let go of controlling everything outside. Your will be led more easily to your end result and it might be something better than what you expected.

Card of the week: The Tribe

This week’s card is about finding your tribe, your family, the ones you feel at home with. There’s also an energy around going travelling to finding it. Either with the members of your tribe that you’ve already connected with or alone.

Our tribe is not necessarily the same people all through our lives. Some people you instantly click with for only a short while, while others are by your side almost from beginning to the ending. There’s no shame in saying goodbye to people and places or situations that no longer serve you.


Like a piece of clothing that no longer fits right your tribe is about to change either completely or partially. It’s time for you and as natural as when the glowing foliage that replaces the green view of summer.

To be seen and understood is one of the most important things for us humans and the feeling of belonging make us feel safe enough to express our creativity as we were meant to.

Where  do you feel safe? Seen and understood?

Where do you have an important function? A role to fill? We all have a tribe that needs us, now it’s time for you to strengthen your connection with your tribe or seek out the places you feel your tribe may be.

You can’t be everything to everyone but you have something important to give. Your soul knows the answer.

This week’s card is from the wisdom of the oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

Using oracle cards to get unstuck

Get unstuck with oracle cards – Card from Wisdom of the oracle from Colette Baron-Reid

Feeling stuck? Can’t think of a solution to your predicament? Going round in circles?

Get unstuck by using oracle cards. Pulling a card from a physical deck or using an app or website on the go can be just what you need to get a higher perspective and new insight.

Sometimes it will be a validation of what a part of you already knew to be true and other times it will make you go “hmm I wonder how this applies to my situation?” and this is where the magic happens, where you’ll start to get unstuck.

Get out of the loop and gain a new perspective.

When we’re stuck and trying to think our way out of it, it’s like being caught in a loop. In a hamster wheel that never goes in any new direction, just spinning round and round. Which never leads to any new insights.

Pulling an oracle card is equivalent to stop spinning and jump off the wheel.

When you get a message from an oracle card that puzzles you and you wonder how it applies, that’s when you’ve broken out of the loop and begun to wander a new road, which might hold a solution you’d never have come up with otherwise. New roads, new approaches, new solutions is what you’ll find when you let yourself be taken in a new direction.

Of course, you need to use the message the card had for you or you’ll end up in the same hole, stuck again and killing yourself spinning your wheels trying to get out.

Let yourself be brought in a new direction by pulling a card and be prepared to take in the message it has for you.

I won’t be doing weekly videos anymore

2016-04-14 17.17.32

Just a little explanation here as to why I’ve not posted any video today.

When I first started this blog after getting my certification as an angel card reader, I started making weekly videos with angel messages. I love making videos for you! I really do. But there’s a lot, a lot, of these videos on Youtube – I should know, because I adore watching them!

I feel it’s not the best way to serve my purpose and to convey the angels’ messages. I will be doing videos for you, maybe monthly, I don’t know right now and I will be posting more written posts here. I feel more inspired to mix vlogs and blogs and maybe I won’t stick to a particular form of videos, maybe I will.

I just don’t feel I am doing my calling when doing a weekly video. I know the angels have messages for you dear follower, and I would love to be the channel, but for the next while I am going to figure out what way. Stay tuned for more right here in this space 🙂