Holiday Gift Guide 2016 for the spiritual girl: Lifestyle products


With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be fun to make a gift guide for the spiritual girl. Which gift would make a spiritually minded woman happy on Christmas? I give my gift ideas in this four-part video series. Did you check out the first video about books, the second about oracle decks or the third about crystals?

The fourth and last video in the gift guide is about lifestyle products. They can be wonderful hostess gifts or a more specific gift for someone you know would appreciate it.

* Please be advised that some of the links provided are affiliate and I do receive a small commission if you make a purchase using those links, at no extra cost to you. I only link to things I genuinely recommend and all opinions are my own. I thank you for your support that makes it possible for me to make these videos for you! *

Links to the things mentioned in the video, where appropriate I’ve found an internationally available version, as some of the brands I’ve had on hand for filming the video is only available in Denmark.

Chakra Cleanse Meditation by Belinda Davidson For the novice as well as the meditation pro. A guided meditation that goes through each chakra and keeps them clean and working well. A good gift for the girl who loves meditation, her smartphone and being able to meditate everywhere. A digital gift with meaning.

Essential oils, Most people love lavender or a nice citrus one. A nice gift is a set or an oil paired with an oil burner. Make sure it’s real essential oil and not just a scent oil as essential oils have a wonderful aromatherapy effect on body, mind, and soul. Pair it with an oil burner for a luxurious gift.



Holiday gift set

Pukka Clean Greens powder, for the health conscious spiritual girl, who loves her smoothies or just want to make sure her body gets what it needs to be in balance. This is a special gift, so make sure the recipient is into food supplements or smoothies or is a foodie.

Himalayan Sea Salt. This is a wonderful gift for the foodie or the empath who loves to scrub in salt to make herself grounded. Pair it with a nice olive oil or a chopping board for a luxurious gift. Great as a hostess gift as well.


CandlesA good quality candle is a wonderful gift for the girl who likes to meditate, do tarot or oracle readings or do healing sessions. White candles are a safe bet, but you could go the fun route and give a scented candle or a coloured candle, or even a coloured and scented candle. Make sure it’s a nice quality and you don’t need to buy a whole lot of candles to make an impression.

Scented candle

Scented and coloured candle

White Sage. For smudging, space clearing, cleansing oracle decks or other spiritual rituals. You can get a small stick as part of a gift if you’re unsure of whether the recipient is into smudging. A big stick of good sage is a nice gift for the spiritual girl, though. Pair it with a nice Abalone shell or clay pot for a more together looking gift.

White sage

Abalone shell. Pretty and decorative as well as nice for smudging. Beautiful as a stand-alone gift but even better with a stick of white sage.

Abalone shell

Willows East Intuitive JournalFor the tarot or oracle lover! This journal is such a nice companion to have when doing readings for yourself. Go big and pair it with a nice tarot or oracle deck.

Willows East Intuitive Journal


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