Card of the week: Tribal Spirit dancer


This card tells us about a week where we can throw caution to the wind and step outside the box. Dare to be who you really are. Fly that inner freak flag, baby!

Life’s a dance and you are invited to listen to the rhythm that plays out in your life. Where is your rhythm telling you to go? Or is it telling you to stay? Is it loud and persistent in its message to you or is it a beckoning slow rhythm that invites you to sit down and meditate?

It’s time to let go and soar – and that might mean giving up what you’re striving for, however, contradictory that might seem. It might also mean to really give it your all. Feel your gut instinct and ask yourself: How could I really soar to higher ground this week? Is it letting go of things that I think might get me there, but in reality is holding me down? Or is it to grab a tighter hold and start running?

Remember that it’s about feeling light and flying, feeling more like yourself and in tune with your inner rhythm. It all starts within. It’s not the time to play it safe, play small or be afraid of breaking conventions.

Be you. Now.

I’ve used the Native Spirit Oracle Cards from Denise Linn. They are one of my all time fave decks!

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