Card of the week: Stepping into the unknown


This week I have used Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle.

Between Worlds reversed, By the book reversed and Observer are the cards that come up for this week and telling us a story about a week where everything might be turned upside down, the box we live in will be blown apart and we’ll be invited to take a look at how to do things differently. We’re invited to let go of controlling the outcome and particularly the form it will take.

It might feel like you’re falling through the air or being forced out of where it feels safe and comfortable. Or it might be you who decides to revolutionize your life – to throwing a bomb and stepping back to see where the pieces fall when the dust settles.

If we want to live in alignment with our inner divine self it is necessary  to let go of control and observe how the energy flows so we can step into the flow instead of forcing a solution.

Use this week as a welcome opportunity to observe the natural energy flows in your life and where the natural paths and roads reveal themselves and let go of preconceived ideas about how it should look.

It can feel risky but she who dares nothing wins nothing.

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