The 3 secrets behind a good oracle reading – secret no. 1


Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce


In this series, I’ll let you in on my secrets for a good oracle card reading for yourself or your client. There’re some pillars that need to be in place to make you feel confident enough to go with what your intuition tells you because no two readings are alike. Which is good. But to be able to go with the vibes you get and what your intuitive senses might tell you when you let the cards reflect the soul’s wisdom, you need a solid foundation.


The first secret is:


The courage to leap into the unknown where you don’t know the answers or the correct answers; where nothing’s wrong or right.

It takes courage to say the things that show themselves to you through your intuition. To dare to look the soul’s answers straight in the eyes, whether they are meant for you or others.

It’s not about putting your own filter over the cards’ answers but to dare to be open to receiving the messages that come through – no matter what they are.

Fortunately, it’s never about death or unhappiness in the way we’ve all seen on film. The classic representation of the psychic with her crystal bowl in a dark room turning the cards and saying “oh! Bad news!” is very far from the way oracle cards work. It’s not about telling the future, but about diving into the resources that already lie available in us but can be hard to hear or understand.

Oracle- and angel cards brings us productive answers, comforting answers, to how to deal with a given situation and how to actively find the way forward or onward. We have to be brave enough to communicate those messages to ourselves and our clients. Which entails the risk of “getting it wrong”.

Brave enough to say something that might not be 100 % true because we’re not fortune tellers, guessing about the future – we are guides shining a light on where to find the answers.

What matters in an oracle card reading are the pearls of wisdom, the divine messages, and guidance that come through. Not whether we can prove our clairvoyance.


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