Should other people touch your oracle cards?


Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue


When I teach my workshops I see a myriad of ways people handle their cards, from letting the person they are reading for shuffle and choose the cards to shuffling for and fanning them out for the other person to pull cards to the complete opposite, where it’s only the reader handling the cards.

Is there a right or a wrong way of doing it?

I believe that the answer to that question is: whatever you like to do is the right thing to do.

Here’s what I do and why:

I don’t let other people handle my cards. It’s very rare that other people touch them and I always make sure to clean them by smudging or knocking them or putting a quartz or selenite crystal on top of them. Why?

Because everything is energy and for me it’s always been very palpable. I’m sensitive like that, which is something I use to my benefit when pulling cards, as I feel my way through them most of the time. I was that kid who wasn’t very keen on letting my friends touch any of my special things, like signed photographs of my idols, who disliked (and still do) second-hand clothes and who, as an adult secretly longs to fill her house with antiques but so far only has found one coffee table with the right energy to let in the house.

For me, it’s wrong to let people touch my cards because I feel the energy and they can’t function as a tool in my readings if the energy is murky. I need to keep my cards attuned to my energy because the cards and I speak together and for me to understand the language of the cards it’s important to keep the line as crisp and clear as possible.

So what’s right for you?

Do you like sharing your cards? Do you like to feel other people’s energy in them? If you do then it’s probably not a problem for you to do accurate readings even with other people handling your cards. Just remember to clear them once in a while. There’s a lot of different ways to do that. In between readings, I like to hold them in my left hand and knock them with my right hand. If they can lie a little bit longer I put a crystal on top of them and when I do a house cleansing with white sage I give them a whirl too with the smoke.

If on the other hand, you’re like me and you’d really like to keep your cards to yourself then you should make a decision on how you do readings. A practice I use with my cards sometimes is to fan them out and hold them to my heart and feel the connection being made and how my energy flows through them and their messages are opening up to me. If others accidentally touch your cards because they are curious you can handle it by politely explaining why you don’t want other people touching your cards or you can let it slide and give them a good cleanse when you are alone.

As you can see there’s not one right way to do this, it all comes down to your sensitivity and what you like. I love that oracle cards are so personal and become an extension of their owner. Like some people like to write in their books and others don’t, the way we use our oracle cards tells a story about us. And there’s no wrong story, remember that.

Tell me: Do you let others touch your cards or not?

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