Card of the week: Lady of the Lake


The card of the week is Wisdom of Avalon from Colette Baron-Reid.

This week the energy can be hard if you don’t live accordingly to your inner truth.

It’s a week where we can’t hide from the truth and where we are encouraged to keep an eye out for signs and signals from the Universe, telling us if we’re on the right path or not.

A good rule of thumb this week is that if you meet resistance and struggle to make something happen, then it’s an invitation to look deeper and see if what you’re doing or seeking is really a true match for your soul?

With the Lady of the lake, the spotlight is on you and you can count on not having a place to hide from the truth. Take it as an invitation to clear out what doesn’t serve your highest good. To sort out and through what’s really just dust and trash and doesn’t help you in any way.

If you are not in integrity with what you’re doing, this week will help you see it one way or the other. It’s essentially a blessing – if you don’t fight it.

Look your truth in the eyes and you will reap so much and flow will be available to you.

The wonderful truth is that you are a part of creating your own reality and sometimes you’re a lot in control, others? Not so much! But, together with the Universe, you are creating your life. That’s the truth you’re being confronted with this week.

This week you will achieve the best results if you let your intuition lead the way.

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