Card of the week: To The Sea

This week’s card comes from one of my favourite decks from Colette Baron-Reid: Wisdom of the oracle. The card is ‘To The Sea’ and is about being in flow and returning to the only true energy source in the Universe. The source that flows through all living things.

In the coming week, it’s a good thing to look at where you source your energy from. Are you on the right path for you or are you wasting precious energy on something that doesn’t bring you any closer to your goal?

If you find yourself running your head against a wall, your projects are being delayed or hindered in any way, in other words, your flow is blocked, then it’s a sign to stop and consult your inner compass. It will be most beneficial to go with the flow this week, instead of fighting your way upstream.

Can you try to give up the need to control the outcome? Can you let go of your idea of how the end result should look like? This week invites you to do just that and you’ll experience that things will come to you in unexpected ways. Let the Universe surprise you. You have power over your own little ship but not the ocean’s waves. Focus on what’s inside you: your talents, your gifts, and your personality and let go of controlling everything outside. Your will be led more easily to your end result and it might be something better than what you expected.


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