Using oracle cards to get unstuck

Get unstuck with oracle cards – Card from Wisdom of the oracle from Colette Baron-Reid

Feeling stuck? Can’t think of a solution to your predicament? Going round in circles?

Get unstuck by using oracle cards. Pulling a card from a physical deck or using an app or website on the go can be just what you need to get a higher perspective and new insight.

Sometimes it will be a validation of what a part of you already knew to be true and other times it will make you go “hmm I wonder how this applies to my situation?” and this is where the magic happens, where you’ll start to get unstuck.

Get out of the loop and gain a new perspective.

When we’re stuck and trying to think our way out of it, it’s like being caught in a loop. In a hamster wheel that never goes in any new direction, just spinning round and round. Which never leads to any new insights.

Pulling an oracle card is equivalent to stop spinning and jump off the wheel.

When you get a message from an oracle card that puzzles you and you wonder how it applies, that’s when you’ve broken out of the loop and begun to wander a new road, which might hold a solution you’d never have come up with otherwise. New roads, new approaches, new solutions is what you’ll find when you let yourself be taken in a new direction.

Of course, you need to use the message the card had for you or you’ll end up in the same hole, stuck again and killing yourself spinning your wheels trying to get out.

Let yourself be brought in a new direction by pulling a card and be prepared to take in the message it has for you.


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