Want to speak to your angels? Get your meditation on

I’m often asked by my friends who, by the way, were spiritual long before I even thought about that word, how they can be more open and talk to their angels. They always find it so weird that of all of us it’s me who can talk to angels because I’m the last one to “get with the angel programme” of all of us. While they’ve been at it for years I am just a novice. A novice with an open phone line it turns out.

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Well, talking to them is easy enough it is listening that’s the hard part. Whenever you need to talk to your angels or God/Universe or your Higher Self – you need to be quiet enough to actually hear them. Unless you are one of those fortunate ones whose Spirit FM station is cranked up so high you can hear them as easy as the person next to you, you really need to practice getting into that still space where you stop doing and just start being.

For the longest time, I was frustrated that I couldn’t hear their guidance until it dawned on me that I did, I just didn’t recognize their way of communicating with me. At that point, I knew enough about quieting my mind and its effect on my ability to listen to my intuition, to begin meditating more.

I find guided meditations really helpful and use them most of the time. Meditating creates that quiet space in my mind and my body, to let me hear my Higher Self and my angels. As a result, I feel less anxious and make better choices every day for myself – regarding the small and the big things – making my life easier and more fun.

Today I want to share the ones I use and love with you.

My favourite guided meditations

The Mindfulness app II (the green one, I’m sure the blue one is just as good) I especially love the lovingkindness and mountain meditation. Good to do on a bus or a train or at home on the couch.

Kris Carr’s Meditation album called Self-care for busy people (I use it every day and my faves are: Morning and Evening meditation, Pep-Talk Meditation, Self-Love Reboot and Affirmations For Healing)

Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse for busy people is an everyday staple. It is amazingly easy to follow and makes a big difference in my overall energy. Sometimes Chakra meditations are too elaborate and complicated to follow and that’s why I love this one – it’s simple but so effective.

Colette Baron-Reid’s Remembering the future – the meditations (the book is amazing too!) for the really spiritual stuff when I need to nurture that side of me.

I meditate somewhere in between 1 and 5 times a day. I try to get a morning and evening meditation done and if I’m doing readings I will do short meditations before each and if I have time I’ll do an afternoon meditation as well. They vary from between 45 minutes down to 5 minutes and I find that doing it regularly is better than one time a week for hours. Better to do 3 short 5-minute meditation a day than to do an hour of meditating 2 times a week.

Now over to you – do you find talking to your angels easier when meditating? What meditations do you love? And how often do you meditate? I’d love to hear from you!



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