3 ways your sensitivity is actually a gift

Green Tara – Goddess Guidance Cards from Doreen Virtue

This morning a blackbird smacked into my window and fell to the ground. It finally got up to sit on the garden gate and get its bearings, while I stood with tears in my eyes whispering “I’m sorry”, hoping it was alright. I still remember all too well how it feels to have to end a poor bird’s suffering from last time I was in a situation like that. I know people in my life who would shake their heads and say I should toughen up, that I’m too sensitive and what good will that do? That feeling too much is of no use in this world. I beg to differ. Even though my feeling the blackbird’s pain “too much” didn’t help the blackbird in that moment, I’ve lived long enough with this gift of being sensitive to know that that is what it is: a gift.

People who are not sensitive think of it as a nuisance. But the world needs sensitive people to heal it. We’re the ones who actually give a damn and appreciate the beauty this world has to offer because we can feel it. We care enough to create change.

But I understand if you’re wishing your sensitivity would go away and you could just be “normal”. I’ve been there before I learned to unwrap the wonderful gift it truly is. Today I feel I’m so much better off than most people because of what my sensitivity adds to my life.

So let me shine a light on your beautiful gift and tell you exactly how it is a gift.

3 ways your sensitivity is actually a gift to this world

  • You are more empathic – the world needs empathy to change things for the better
  • You can heal others because you can sense so much more
  • You see beauty in things others don’t – your life is enriched in this way

Opdag dit sande

Being sensitive makes you a healer

When understood and used right being an empath, that is a person who can feel other people’s vibrations/moods/feelings like they were their own, can be a gift. If it is not harnessed and you haven’t learned how to set your own boundaries and been taught how to ground yourself it can make your life chaotic. But, they keyword here is taught, as this is something that can be learned, and when you learn it, you’ll discover that this gift makes you a wonderful friend and healer. Someone who truly can put themselves in another person’s place is a peacemaker. When you have this gift familiarized and use it as a life skill, you’ll quickly see that you have a positive impact on your surroundings. You uplift people without draining yourself.

People who “feel too much” as we’re often described by people who are less sensitive get the gift of experiencing the world in full Technicolor. If something is moving, beautiful, devastating or provoking we sense it all. How lucky are we? When we move around in the world we get to enjoy nature, music, arts, laughter, animals, books, music and love (love!) in deeper depths than our non-sensitive friends. If that isn’t a gift I don’t know what is.

The problem with being sensitive is when we haven’t learned how to navigate a harsh world in this state. I will recommend Cheryl Richardson’s book The Art of Extreme Self-Care to anyone who’s looking to get started with harnessing the power of being sensitive. Another good book is Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much by Colette Baron-Reid.

How to get started with unwrapping your sensitivity gift

Do yourself a favour and meditate every day and do breathing exercises. Those things are a great starting point for calming the nervous system. The next step is to learn to stay grounded and in your own energy, instead of migrating over into the next person’s energy. Here’s where shielding and clearing is a good idea. Mentally put on a “rain coat” of white light or any other colour you feel is appropriate that day before going out or seeing other people. When the day is done visualize Archangel Michael removing everything that isn’t yours, like he’s holding a big magnet that sucks it off of you. Then ask the angels to fill you with white light. A final recommendation is to keep your chakras balanced, that can be very helpful, I use Belinda Davidson’s Chakra meditation for busy people.

I wish you a wonderful journey in this life with your gift.


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